A reliable classic with revolutionary features


Designed and developed on the long tradition of SAILOR VHFs, Thrane & Thrane is proud to introduce the new SAILOR RT5022 VHF DSC. The new SAILOR RT5022 is a serious and reliable choice for the professional seaman, fulfilling and even exceeding GMDSS requirements.

Replay incoming calls

As the first VHF ever, the SAILOR RT5022 can store and replay incoming calls. The bridge being a busy and sometimes noisy place, this facility increases the safety at sea as a missed message just can be heard again.

Two displays, separate menus

The display and menus have been separated into two with the main VHF functions shown in a 7-segment display and the DSC functions and settings shown in a graphic LCD display. The graphic display can reset to sleep mode when not used. In this way the night vision is not disturbed. The 7-segment display is clearly readable at a distance and from even very wide angles. Both displays have text and indicators lit in red, which does not disturb the night vision.

The basic system

The SAILOR RT5022 includes:

    * A very powerful transmitter
    * A very sensitive and accurate receiver
    * A built-in loudspeaker


The new SAILOR HS5001 Handset is standard. This new handset is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, has a high sound quality.


    * Replay function (last 90 seconds of receiving)  
    * 7-segment display for primary functions     
    * Graphical display with sleep mode for secondary functions     
    * All text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision     
    * Display with Marine AR anti reflection filter     
    * Efficient dimming of displays     
    * Powerful built-in 5W loudspeaker     
    * Ergonomic handset     
    * Easy to use, intuitive menus     
    * Alarm muting button     
    * Large tactile buttons     
    * Tactile knobs for volume and squelch     
    * Squelch settings for individual channels     
    * Built-in DSC Class A     
    * 25 to 1 watt switch button     
    * Dual watch     
    * Scanning     
    * Flexible installations with bracket and flush mount     
    * Address book: 200 addresses for vessels and coast stations     
    * Up to two Semi-intelligent Control Units can be connected

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