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Dalian Landsea Maritech Co., Ltd.



Dalian Landsea Maritech Co., Ltd. a corporation in maritime information technology sphere, provides with the following services to clients; communication and navigation engineering, information system engineering, software and network engineering, as well as systematic design, system integration, software and hardware development, project implementation, operation supporting service, and acts as agent for marine equipments.



Business Scope


System Integration And Engineering Of Ship Communication & Navigation


System integration and implementation for the following systems: INS, GMDSS,and AIS.


Integration of shipping information system


Shipping information systems and special type ships’ management information systems, shipping enterprises’ management information systems, container management information systems.


Shipping Software Development


Ship E-mail software, ship movement monitoring software, ship automatic message proposal software, INMARSAT-C Chinese terminal software, high accuracy and synthetical navigation software, etc.


LAN Engineering For Ships And Shipping Enterprises


Onboard LAN Shipping enterprise LAN and the connection of such webs.


Ship-Shore Distance Data Transmission


Ship-shore LAN based multi-channel data transmission, and ship-shore high speed data transmission, and self-definition Maritime Satellite Service to users.


Onboard Video Mointor System Engineering


The design and construction of onboard video monitor system for the key area such as deck, engine room etc. Agent for video monitor and control products of Pelco USA



Agent For Marine Equipments


The communication and navigation equipments of TOKIMEC JAPAN, marine elevator system, marine air conditioning system of USHIO REINETSU CO., LTD. JAPAN

, level gauging system of KROHNE SKARPENORD CO., NORWAY, and video monitor & control equipment of PELCO USA. We have complete and comprehensive fore-sale and after sale service.


Technical Supporting Service For Information Systems


Information networks running status analyzing and design updating, software maintenance and up-grading and hardware reparing.


For many years, with rich technological strength, superior professional team and the business mission of ‘service is top priority and customer is the king’, our company has won praise and trust. We have finished a series national level key projects such as the Computer Network Meet-continue System of Inmarsat Beijing Land Earth Station, the Inmarsat E-mail system of the “Xuelong” polar science investigation ship and the Great Wall site and the Zhongshan site in Antarctic area, the electronic nautical chart system for China Oilfield Service Co., Limited, the Rescue Boats Dispatch Management And SAR System for RESCUE & SALVAGE BUREAU MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and so on.

Our company will continuously be committed to high quality service to clients with professionalism and initiatives, and participate in clients’ information construction to enhance the key competitive power of clients and to make profits hand in hand. 

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